ADB Commands

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If you work with android devices you may already know about ADB if not it is a good time to learn it.

How to install ADB for Mac you can find in this article almost in the bottom of article. Below I will post the most important and commonly used commands from my QA experience.

Connectionadb connect [your ip of device without brackets]
Check out all devicesadb devices
Installation of any apkadb install [the path of application without brackets]
=> it is easy to use drag and drop with mouse cursor like here Drag and Drop
Rebootadb reboot
Kill the serveradb kill-server
Start the serveradb start-server
Make screenshotadb shell screencap -p /sdcard/screen.png
Make a record of screenadb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4 => if you are done, to stop the record type Ctrl+C
Copy made file video or screenshot on your pcadb pull /sdcard/screen.png /Users/alexanderwahl/Desktop/
Delete the made file on the remote deviceadb shell rm /sdcard/environment.mp4
Get logsadb logcat -v time > log.txt
Text input via shelladb shell input text this italic text would be typed on the device
Most used commands in adb

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